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Michael Vollmer 8 point inlays recuts...

Beitragvon Grant72 » 11.10.19 09:30

The best of the best...

Michael Vollmer cue
Cocobolo into BEM
8 points, with 2 recuts on 4 of the points
65 inlays of silver and ivory
Chocolate lizard wrap
2 x 13mm shafts with the new shorter ferrules

Condition is like new, as the cue has just some back from Michael completely refinished, and with two brand new shafts.

Price is €3850 shipped in the EU.

I will consider trades for Southwest, Mobley or Barenbrugge.

Sorry you have to click on all three photo links separately, I need to find a better image hoster :( ... 4RwdZCg8VR ... JJBUGfWj80 ... WzexioVWCU

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