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Andy Gilbert 2006 gambler cue!!!!!  [ERLEDIGT]

Beitragvon nikotat2 » 13.01.18 00:40

Got a sweet deal on a Andy Gilbert 2006 cue so i had to buy it but this is too much of a cue for me so im offering it for a trade.
I dont have a scale but i will try to get it to a scale.
29" butt,29" shaft,12.75mm shaft.

Four points with four aces,spades,hearts,diamonds and clubs.
2 small dings in the forearm and couple of small finish flaws,those are surrounded by white,nothing bad but have to be mentioned.

For trade i am looking for a predator revo cue,exceed cue,mezz with wavy joint,mezz MI series,jacoby with a radial joint and edge shaft,lucasi lux 14,lucasi lzc52.Depends on the cue if i need cash on the side.Not looking to keep this,i am way too novice to play with a custom cue and i am a ld shaft kind a guy.Sorry for the poor photos i will be putting better next week or if you need,ask.
IMG_20180113_003207.jpg (2.12 MiB) 996 mal betrachtet
IMG_20180113_003110.jpg (2.51 MiB) 996 mal betrachtet
IMG_20180113_003150_resized_20180113_125012054.jpg (627.95 KiB) 996 mal betrachtet
IMG_20180113_003202_resized_20180113_125010715.jpg (614.26 KiB) 996 mal betrachtet
IMG_20180113_003933.jpg (2.15 MiB) 996 mal betrachtet
IMG_20180113_003247.jpg (2.63 MiB) 996 mal betrachtet

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