Custom Pool QueuesCognoscenti custom cue by Joe Gold w/ 5 shafts 1700e

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Cognoscenti custom cue by Joe Gold w/ 5 shafts 1700e

Beitragvon Jylli » 06.03.18 19:58

A beautiful cue from a highly appraised cue maker Joe Gold. Cocobolo with 10 curly maple floating points along with 20 ivory spearheads. ABCDE rings with 30 sterling silver inlays in each ring.
3/8-11 white g-10 pin and irish linen grip.
Three original shafts. one with ivory ferrule and two I believe is melamine. Unfortunately the ivory ferrule has bursted, so it needs to be changed. One predator 314/2 shaft with matching ringwork and one black collar ob-1.
The butt sleeve has a few dents as shown in one pic, and a little ding on forearm as shown in other pic, but there's nothing in the butt that a new clear coat wouldn't fix.
Weights and tip diameters:
Butt is 403 grams
Original shaft with broken ivory ferrule: 102 grams & 12.35mm
Original shaft with melamine ferrule 1: 93 grams & 12.8mm
Original shaft with melamine ferrule 2: 83 grams & 12.8mm
OB: 106 grams & 12.8mm
314/2: 98 grams & 12.8mm
In ounces the cue weights from 17 to 18oz depending on the shaft. The cue has a weight bolt which can be changed to a heavier one.
All the shafts roll straight except for the 314/2, which has slight taper roll, which is oftenly seen in a 314/2.
Great opporturnity to own a piece of cue crafting history. You can go see what prices other cognoscentis sell on azbilliards. I believe this cue would retail for well more than $3000 with only two shafts.
Price is 1700e, which includes shipping in EU. With 5 shafts this is a great deal!

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