Serien Pool QueuesMezz ec7-W with expro,hybrid pro and alpha hybrid shafts.

Verkauf von Marken Queues wie z.B. Predator, Mezz, Joss, usw.

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Mezz ec7-W with expro,hybrid pro and alpha hybrid shafts.

Beitragvon nikotat2 » 21.11.20 01:32

Selling or trading a Mezz ec7-W with a rare mezz alpha hybrid 1,mezz hybrid pro 1 and mezz expro shafts, all are 29".

I will add photos soon.

The butt has dings but nothing deep and the hybrid pro shaft has a slight ding. The shafts have blueing. Everything is straight. I will send the cue with 2+4 instroke cowboy hard case.

For trade i am especially looking for a josey or a butt with a carbon fiber shaft (ignite,revo,becue,jacoby black,defy,meucci,rogue etc.). You can also suggest wristwatches. You can suggest pretty much any cue and a huge plus are the ones with 30" shafts.

I ship from Finland and have traded and sold quite a few cues in here and in ebay.

Price is 730€ including shipping with the Instroke cowboy case.

Jacoby, schon, pechauer, joss, predator,meucci,lucasi,mcdermott.

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