Serien Pool QueuesJoss cue with 314,2 and protectors Olney Mezz Lucasi

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Name: Rafal
Spielqueue: Olney+ cuechanger
Leder: moori M :)
Breaker: Beretta and players
Jumper: Players and Popper jump q

Joss cue with 314,2 and protectors Olney Mezz Lucasi

Beitragvon detroit » 14.01.20 18:50

Hi i have for sell that my second cue,is used and has some small dings on the bottom part,cue is straight ,Kamui black M installed.
Jump cue poison Green is giving free ,in join was broken but now glued.

Cuecase Predator soft can be sold with or without cue.

Second CUE Olney 2007 in pristine condition with cuechanger shaft Moori M , 10 3/8
Shaft Mezz WX900 like new 10 3/8
Lucasi Flexpoint 12.75 tip ZEN 10 3/8

Price for Joss with cuecase 350eu
Olney with shafts 1000eu

I cant put pictures here, PM me for more information. Theses stuff need to be gone quick just ask me.

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