Serien Pool QueuesJoss HANDMADE! custom with 2xshafts incl.shipping  [ERLEDIGT]

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Joss HANDMADE! custom with 2xshafts incl.shipping  [ERLEDIGT]

Beitragvon nikotat2 » 08.07.18 22:20

Mint Joss HANDMADE! custom with 2xshafts incl.shipping
PRICE 1000€
Selling/trading a beautiful and mint Joss HANDMADE custom cue with curly maple front, 4 sharp ebony points with color veneers in black/blue/white/red,ebony butt with 8 fleur de lis inlays,upgraded leather wrap.2 joss shafts.Joss Handmade logo on the butt cap.
Price includes shipping to Europe.
Whatsapp 358405421015
Price 1000€ including shipping,it is a real low price on a handmade joss.

For trade/partial trade you can suggest pretty much anything,some custom cues but i would prefer production cues/shafts,breakers,jumpers and i could use a bag,it can be a cheap one but 2+4 and up only.30" shafts are huge plus,i sell and trade a lot of cues in azbilliards,in Finland and here also and i have my mezz as my main player so i am only looking for items to sell or trade and in Finland i can sell production cues better then custom.Revo,mezz also a huge plus.

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