Serien Pool QueuesMezz Ace-K/Jacoby edge hybrid 31"!!!!!!!  [ERLEDIGT]

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Mezz Ace-K/Jacoby edge hybrid 31"!!!!!!!  [ERLEDIGT]

Beitragvon nikotat2 » 23.06.18 09:05

Selling a mezz ace-k with a rare jacoby edge hybrid 31 inch shaft. ... cale=en_GB

Butt has two real small dings,nothing bad but have to be mentioned,both straight together and apart,shaft has no dings or dents and has the original tip tiger everest.
Ask for photos.
Shipping is included in europe!
Also would be willing to trade for a cue,shafts,breaker or jump cues,30" shafts are plus,you can suggest,all will be considered.
Whatsapp 358405421015

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