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Name: Marc Vidal Claramunt

Mike Bender Custom For Sale

Beitragvon MVC » 31.12.13 22:53

Hi everybody,

Here's a mint (like new condition) Mike Bender.



-Amboyna into highly figured cocobolo,I believe.

-Fancy rings in all positions (Ivory and amboyna squares/deco)


-Solid ivory joint.
-Special low-deflection shafts made by Mike Bender himself
-The cue is 59 inches.
-Comes with a special extension (screws on the bottom taking bumper off); it was specifically made by Mike Bender.



-Both shafts are full 13mm with Moori Medium tips on them.
-Butt weighs 15.7oz
-Shafts each weigh 4.4oz
-Includes joint protector sets.
-Black smooth leather wrap



This is one of the best hitting Bender cues I've ever owned, and this is the main reason I won't let it go too cheap.
Crispy,not too stiff solid hit. Amazing cue action! Great response for long straight in shots. SOOOLIDD CUE!!


I can facilitate the payment process by providing bank transfer option into my family's bank account in Spain, that way you will save on conversion rates and wiring fees.Or if you prefer Paypal will work for me as well.

PRICE: 2275 EUR and that will include shipping anywhere in the world

Thank you for looking and Happy New Year!!


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Re: Mike Bender Custom For Sale

Beitragvon DoubleDave » 29.04.14 11:48

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