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Re: Mosconi Cup 2020 - 1-4 Dezember

Beitragvon tintin » 25.09.20 09:00

Captain Lely said: “Our dilemma was between Niels Feijen and Kaci. Kaci has played the previous two editions, he hasn’t tasted the success yet. Niels is a very experienced player, a four-time MVP. So it was a choice between the seniority of Niels and the sheer talent of Eklent Kaci.
“What was key for Karl and myself was to be able to see Eklent grow as a team player and to be accustomed to being a team member. He doesn’t miss a ball; it wasn’t about that.
“Skill-wise, he is in the top three players I have seen and I have worked with in terms of delivery of the cue. There aren’t many people who shoot straighter than Eklent does. He has a big billiard brain on his shoulders, especially for his age. He has delivered, he has performed in the singles matches, so it is just about working on the team play. At the table it is about having communication and a protocol beforehand, knowing who plays what shot, who is making a decision. Away from the table it is about being able to discuss and give feedback and receive feedback.”

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Re: Mosconi Cup 2020 - 1-4 Dezember

Beitragvon eckeneckepen » 25.09.20 09:47

Ob Earl in den nächsten Jahren Mal Captain der USA wird?


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Re: Mosconi Cup 2020 - 1-4 Dezember

Beitragvon jaehndan » 25.09.20 11:33

Und Dennis Hatch Co-Käptn? Huijuijui... Das wäre Stimmung in der Trainerecke :-)

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Re: Mosconi Cup 2020 - 1-4 Dezember

Beitragvon Billard-Praxis » 25.09.20 13:00

Es wäre schön, wenn Matchroom Earl als Main Kommentator gewinnen könnte und Michaela wieder als Head Referee zurück holt!

Dream on Modus out. :lac:

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